Tanjung Perak Surabaya Port is the main entrance of economy in East Indonesia. Ten millions tons of cargoes per year is loading/unloading through this port. As a logistics company, GAMA GROUP continues to build and equip variety of supporting facilities in order to create performance. Then, it create an efficient cost in the logistics sector.

The existence of sufficient facility and integrated operational system of the port would be very ascertain the cheerfulness and smoothness of traffic current of the cargoes which passed through, which more over will ascertain performance of port itself. Especially for traffic current of cargoes, both in container and bulk condition, supporting facility such as pier, stevedores equipment to and from sea/vessel carrying equipment from the port up to the consignee or in reverse, will be very ascertain the current smoothness of the cargoes.

Furthermore, a nice and integrated cooperation are extremely needed between Custom, Banking, Surveyor, Stevedores Company, Shipping Company (Sea and Air), Expediter Company (Sea and Air), and also Port Authority.

In this case, GAMA GROUP with all it’s affiliation as an Architect of transportation, have been pouring out the power and mind to keep developing the professionalism of their Human Resources in their respectively sectors, also keep on actively participating of ascertain the Port Performance in both nationally and internationally scale.

The effort and work ethic from all of GAMA GROUP Team, wish it would get a nice welcome and will be useful for all customers with the mutual benefit principle.

Last but not least, as a service provider, all we longing for is giving best services and maximal satisfaction to all customers proportionally and professionally.

May God the Almighty will be continuously lead and protect us.

Sincerely yours,

Drs. Eli Siswondo – President Director