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Company Profile

Company History

Our Group-Company was established in Surabaya on November 1995 with only 17 (seventeen) employees. Firstly, it was just opening as an International Freight Forwarder Company. Based on our excellent services and supporting from some customers, this company grow and develop to be one of the best Group Company in Surabaya, which have several services. For now on, we have totally more and less 1.000 (One Thousand) employees.

One of our Group Company "PT. Gama Inti Samudera" has been chosen by the governor of East Java to be the Best Freight Forwarder Company in East Java (1999), and Shipping Award 2008 for The best of the best at Forwarding from Radar Surabaya (Jawa Pos Group). The other one, PT. Gama Mitra Utama awarded with The Best Handling 2005 from Radar Surabaya with criteria The Best Performance of productivity for Bulk Cargoes Discharging.

On February 2012, one of our Group Company "PT. Kuda Inti Samudera" commite to Joint Venture with PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (PERSERO) Makassar and become affiliation company "PT. Equiport Inti Indonesia" which also called as EQUIND. its site office and operation Equind is in port of Makassar.