Cilacap as one of the gates of Central Java’s economy is growing very rapidly over time.
Several multinational industry has established and operating in the region.
Port of Tanjung Intan as entrance and exit of goods raw materials production and distribution of industrial products
growing number must be supported by loading and unloading facilities and transportation adequate.
Then the existence of an integrated logistics system, efficiently and effectively is also very necessary to be able to
supporting the industry to produce products competitive global market.

PT. Gama Mitra Cilacap as stevedoring companies supported by PT. Gama Intisamudera as a national logistics company has been present in Cilacap to participate in the development of industries in Cilacap and surrounding areas. Supported by professional human resources, equipment loading and unloading and transportation of modern expected
PT. Gama Mitra Cilacap will be able to answer the challenges of future development of the industry will come up with the business principle of mutual benefit.